Yoga Class Descriptions


Our studio is located on the 2nd Floor at Cleveland Physical Therapy Associates


SENIOR CHAIR EXERCISE: This class can be done sitting in a chair, standing and/or using a chair to balance or a combo of both. The room is not heated. Class is one hour. Cost is $6. Tennis shoes or bare feet. There is elevator access to the studio if needed. We plan to add another class to the schedule soon. HOT 26: This is a Ghosh Method class and open to all levels and you can move at your own pace. The room is heated to approximately 100-105 degrees with 40% humidity. You will sweat!! This class teaches 26 postures taught in the same order every class. It is high cardio but you can sip water and sit down anytime. Bring a large bath towel or beach towel, yoga mat and water. Please hydrate before class and refrain from eating 2 hours before class. $12 WARM 26: This is a Ghosh Method class but not very hot…slightly warm. It teaches the same 26 postures as Hot 26 but the postures are not held as long. There will be demonstrations, extra attention to technique and alignment and will move at a slower pace. Its great for 1st timers or advanced Hot yogis but nice for those who are sensitive to the heat. You will sweat but its about 10-15 degrees cooler than Hot 26. Please bring a mat and a large towel. $12 WARM FLOW: This is a vinyasa flow class. All levels. You will flow from one pose to the next and the movement is synchronized to your breath. Please bring a mat and a large towel. $12 We take Cash, Check or Charge. Please make checks payable to ‘YES WELLNESS’