Prevent sports-related injuries in Shelby with our Athletic Development Program

If you’re an athlete of any sort, you know how important movement is. Movement, in essence, is the foundation of our ability to perform at our highest possible level. For this reason, a dysfunctional movement pattern not only reduces this ability to perform at your best, but also increases your chances of experiencing an injury.

The good news is that movement patterns can be evaluated, modified and improved, and that’s exactly what our new Athletic Development Program is designed to accomplish. Led by Cleveland Physical Therapy Associates staff members Dusty Quattlebaum, DPT and Jonathan Ahearn, DPT, who are both functional movement screen (FMS) certified, the Athletic Development Program explains what works, what doesn’t work and why, and gets to the root of any problems you might be having before they lead to an injury.

Here’s how the program works: first, physical therapists Dr. Quattlebaum and Dr. Ahearn screen each athlete using the FMS, which breaks down the specifics of the movements of their upper body, lower body and trunk. Based on this evaluation, they will look for any areas of deficit that may lead to pain, injury or overall dysfunction when performing their respective sport. Depending on the sport that the athlete participates in, they will also look for specific movement patterns that are necessary in that sport, and will help to ensure that they are being performed safely and correctly.

From there, Drs. Quattlebaum and Ahearn will create an individualized program that will address any issues with movement patterns while also improving athletic ability. The goal of the six-week program is to advance each participant’s overall athletic capabilities, particularly focusing on strength, power, speed and agility. At the end of the program, each athlete is also given a home-exercise program that will allow them to continue on with their athletic training and development so they can carry on all their improvements beyond the span of the course.

If you’re an athlete that’s performing at a high intensity, your risk for injury is elevated, and that’s why it’s best to get evaluated to ensure that everything checks out and you’re not executing any movements that increase this risk even more. Upon completing our program, you’ll be more educated and physically prepared to excel in your respective sport as safely as possible.

To learn more about our Athletic Development Program to prevent sports-related injuries in Shelby and Kings Mountain, NC, or for any other aches or pains you may be experiencing, contact Cleveland Physical Therapy Associates at 704-471-0001 to see when our next program will be starting up.